Trying Surfing at Dubai with an sexy Escorts chicks

Dubai is a great city to have great business and also to relax as the coastline on the Arabian peninsula. As I wanted to have a female in my life, but I didn’t actually have enough time to their needs I was many times dumped so I decided just to have some one day fun. And which is the best way to do that? Right, to book some girl from Dubai escort website and tell your desires and watch her making everything as she can. So I used internet and found some advertisement which seemed appealing to me. She was hot blond girl with great looking body and said that she likes to enjoy this city’s climate which was great enough to spend some active time near the water and that also gave me the possibility to see her in bikini. She was really open to what I had in mind and so the evening come when we finally met and got things going.

I got some towels and other things with me, but she seemed just to have her great body and some thin clothes under which I guess were red bikini. The babe was looking at me with her big brow eyes and we went towards the Jumeirah beach with was full of different people, but it wasn’t too hard to find also for ourselves some place. I put the bags down and she helped to pack out. As the sun was still working pretty intensive I advised her to use a sun cream, but she told that she can slush it in my body. Who would say no to such great female and so I was lying and feeling her soft arms working around my half-naked body was pretty great.

After some time, naturally I advised to try some surfing which was actually one of my plans if everything goes down. I rented a surfing board and as she was rally an amateur, it was interesting to see her trying to stand on it. I could show my abilities to let the sexy escort girl so see how easy and great it is, but after some time I choose just to stick on the board with her and let the body being dragged by the water for some time. We were close side by side and I choose to enjoy having around me and she spontaneously kissed me and that is how the things started to work out. Under the water we could play with each others body without afraid that someone will see us. Her arm on my cock and mine near her pussy made me agitated and I could feel my cock rising almost like some tower. The pressure was getting on and the kissing only increased the effect that if felt really delighted. It was a great  feeling to have some hot female that wasn’t feeling bad about being with me as I was definitely much less pretty that she. Dubai beach is a great place to spend even with some unknown people.