Spending Time at the Dubai Hajar Mountains with an Escort

I had always wanted to explore how it is to spend time with a woman that you know can make your naughtiest desire come true. When I got free day of work it finally seemed a great opportunity to try that. As I was also a nature lover a great place for that seemed about 100 km from the buzz at the Hajar Mountains where could also book some small staying place which would make whole different adventure than staying at some Madinat Jumeirah resort after some crazy night in club. Also driving there seemed to take much less time as I got a great escort in Dubai which I picked at the advertisement and knew that she won’t leave me if she doesn’t like something.

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To explore the great mountain massive we choose to use 4-vheel vehicles which are considered to be the safest for these kinds of places. We saw the wadis which were dry river beds and other interesting places where not only could take great pictures, but also have great time. Her arms were around me and we were playing touching. It was great feeling to have such hot creature beside you, despite that the hiking to the Hajar Mountains were more active thing to do; it also made some romantic feeling to me. Being away from all the city and hundreds of people was a great feeling. I could never imagine that spending time at mountains with female I actually doesn’t know at all can be so delightful. When we reached the top of the mountain, l lied a blanked and we could sit seeing Dubai far away. It was also the right place where I first could explore also more naughty side of the hot female as she started to kiss me passionately and her tongue was really playful.

As the night approached, it was finally the time to get down to lower place where was settlement for night staying. We had become cold a bit as there the air and other things were different from the ones that are used to. We got a pretty nice room with wooden interior that created natural look. We let the fire burn in the fireplace and begin to undress each other. Every body piece felt warmer and I liked to kiss her big breasts and feel her as close to me as I wanted. The babe wasn’t too crazy or doing something that I didn’t liked. I lied hot Dubai escort down one the blanked near the fireplace. As she spread her legs, I knew what I need to do. Her pussy was already wet and that meant that also she was agitated, but not as much as me. My cock was working as hard as it could and the fire reflection was seen at our naked bodies. Spending time at Dubai Hajar Mountains was great and the things happened at the night there was even more amazing. Every man would be delighted to be with that sexy woman.