Spending Time at Burj Kalifa with an luxury call Girl

I wanted also to explore Dubai tallest building as there were many things to do, but I didn’t want to do that alone so I choose to book some sexy Arabian Dubai escorts girl who would entertain me all night long and as there wasn’t any problems on the way it seemed a great idea. We met each other at the entrance and she was looking really stunning in short skirts and blouse. With her make-up she looked even more sparkling. As we started to speak, it already felt great and free atmosphere.

Firstly I wanted to explore some of the restaurant and drink some vine. I liked to do that kind of things with female, but not many nowadays were free and even less get entertained by the presence and also you should think about behaving yourself. Even if you had great things in mind, there was a lot of possibility that she won’t like something and simply will go away. So it was great that in front of me was actually an escort call girl in Istanbul who seemed really pretty and others there could be jealous of. I felt really special and pampered. I could talk about my previous woman and she defended me telling that I have been too soft and they really used me like bitches. It was good to hear that and it made me more comfortable. I could also help her about what mistakes I probably had in bed and she listened carefully, sharing her experience freely and it was interesting to hear how different poses.

Despite wanting to how great she is in bed, we went to the observation deck which was the world’s highest. The view from the 124th floor was great and at that time we were there only two so it was a great to spend time alone and I could make my first move without wondering how she will react. Her arms were around me and that kiss was like in the Hollywood movies.

As the night went on we didn’t waste much time and decided to go to more intimate place where I could get more of her services. Right at the Burj Kalifa was located also some hotel and as were probably would be there only for a few hours I didn’t care how much it would cost. We got some pleasant small room with a view towards the Nightly UAE. It was a great to be in such place with this hot girl who seemed could fulfill every naughty fantasy and so I let her do that. Her arms were working down my body and I could feel agitation fully. There wasn’t any shame or embarrassment. As she lied down the bed and I easily could go inside of her everything seemed so easy and all I needed to do was enjoy the sensual feeling, voices and moves. Spending time at UAE tallest building with an independent escort chick was totally mind-blowing. I will repeat that if I can.