Shopping Fun

As far as I can remember myself I have been really passionate about going shopping and as I know Dubai had many great shopping mails to buy pretty interesting stuff. I choose to visit the gargantuan Mall which is also know as Dubai Mall and is the giggest market in the world so the only thing which was afraid of was that I would get lost there as not being the local one and this Arabian culture seemed like they don’t know English fluently so the only thing was to get some local person to show me around and through it. Somehow my mind was wondering that it would be great to have a man beside you that really enjoys shopping and doesn’t feel bored. As it was pretty impossible to do even in the home land, the only thing I could only think that I could book some man who would to that for some money. I know that at this Emirate city were popular different escorts in Dubai UAE, bet I wondered if there is that kind of man too and luckily I found some at one of the advertisements. He had great muscles and wrote that every female can feel safe with him and he can guide her wherever she wants. He has really handsome as well and seeing his offered services I knew that this kind of Dubai escorts was really open to do different things without any embarrassment and I was sure that we would have great time as I  also wanted to have some fun and also buy some great things from the other culture which I won’t get chance to visit any time soon so I just called him and make the meeting near the mall.

He was wearing solid jeans and shirt and I could smell his odekolon. He also was good shaved and I just told him what kind of hings I’m interested in and h guided me through various shops and I was really surprised how well he knew this place. I found great Arabian hand-made carpets, some Bedouin jewelry and other things that were great also as souvenirs. Later we found also some nice restaurant where I could taste more the local cuisine like Jordanian mezze and drink shineena. I was also able to talk about various things and he really was a great listener. Later I said that I needed to go to toilet, but as they both were at the same direction I wasn’t surprised that he followed me, but later when he got in ladies, it was pretty strange as my booked services didn’t include some intimate things, but he just said that I need just to relax and feel him. His sexy arms were all around me and I liked him squeezing and licking by breasts. It was a great feeling and I got even agitated. Shopping was fun, but with an escort male it turned out to be even greater than I expected. It was a great experience in Dubai.