Having Great Time Along the Dubai Creek with an bunnies girls

The UAE Creek which is many kilometers long seems like a great place to explore and it also doesn’t cost much money so I decided to have some pleasant hours there and big contrast of two sides of this great city. I wasn’t sure which kind of part to choose so I left it at the girl’s choice which I also selected at the internet. If I couldn’t get a girl in the real life there wasn’t any crime to get one by paying her. Also this hot Dubai escort woman looks looked like she was worth each penny and so I was fully ready to pay as much as it would be needed, because every man once a while needs to have some pampering and attention from woman without begging her for that. I also booked some nice ferry that will take us among the cityscape from the water side.

The girl whom I selected looked great in her short skirts and tight blouse in which could see big breasts. She had a warm smile and we talked a bit and went for some walk among the UAE Creek and finally end up at the large bridge. The sun was going down and that got really romantic feeling. It was something great and really pleasant as I could kiss her and put my arms around her without afraid that she won’t like something or make me feel miserable.

After some time it was already time to get to my booked ferry to have some nice meal as there always were fresh products from the sea and the local Arabian food was famous with river fish where could get also many proteins. We drunk some wine and on the UAE  cityscape everything looked just great. Her eyes looked like burning to me and it was really sensual feeling as I could watch her without any shame and tell her my secret fantasies. After some while we agreed that we should find some more private place where to entertain each other. In cabin was feeling of movement, but it was great making it more vivid as I wanted really to have a great passionate time without caring about anything else. O could feel her body against mine and it was really soft and pleasant to be explored. It fully was that I wanted to feel. We undressed each other politely and that it turned to more active things. I squeezed and licked her big breasts and she was totally allowing herself to be touched.  Just after some time her soft lips and arms where working with my dick like a professional nanny and when I felt the pressure getting too close I lifted secret touch escort in Dubai against the wall and went deep inside of her as she fully allowed doing that. Spending time at Creek was delightful, but much greater was what happened after. The Dubai escort chick was really something to spend with.