Ivette 1700 AED +6281-237787378

Phone - +6281-237787378
Nationality - Czech
Age - 22
Incall - Yes
Outcall - Yes
Eyes - brown
Height - 5'9 / 175.3 cm
Price per hour - 1700 AED

SERVICES: GFE,OWO,COB,69,striptease,escort date

RATES: 1 hour 1700 aed 2 hour 2700 aed night- 6000 aed 1 hour 2000 aed outcall

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Ivette Dubai escort +6281-237787378Czech Dubai escort Ivette +6281-237787378Incall Dubai escort Ivette +6281-237787378Outcall Dubai escort Ivette Czech +6281-2377873781700 AED Czech Dubai escort +6281-237787378

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