Sue 1000 AED escort in Dubai

Phone - +971(0)52755219
Nationality - Japan
Age - 22
Incall - Yes
Outcall - Yes
Eyes - black
Height - 5'8 / 172.7 cm
Price per hour - 1000 AED

SERVICES: girls always said what they can do ,but this time i want you to tell me what you like me to please you ,or we please each other ,enjoy each other .give me an idea ,something you never done but you so desire to do .i accept anything but anal (sorry for that )USE YOUR IMAGINATION !

RATES: 1hour =1100 2hours=2200 full night =3000

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Sue Dubai escort +971(0)52755219Japan Dubai escort Sue +971(0)52755219Incall Dubai escort Sue +971(0)52755219Outcall Dubai escort Sue Japan +971(0)52755219

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