Dubai Adventure with an Escort

I had used independent Dubai escort services before, but this time I wanted to make something different from incall booking. As I had seen the Dubai city in all his glory previously, I decided that it is time to get away from all the street and people buzz to more silent place like desert. It seemed a perfect background to do whatever we want without getting bothered from other people. The girl I choose this time looked Arabian, but I must admit that it wasn’t easy to be found as there were many advertisements with different kind girls with different nationalities and language combinations. So I was fully ready to have a great adventure without many other expenses like it would be having a vivid nightlife in the center of the city.

It was evening, but when we got to the place, it was still really hot. The babe chooses to stay only in her bikini to which I had nothing against as I could see all her great body parts without any problems. She also saw that I liked that I was seeing in front of me. What kind of man you should be that big breasts doesn’t seem pleasant to you? However that person was, I wasn’t him. There was a small settlement where some tour guides offered us to have a ride though the sandy place. I was pretty satisfied with opportunity to sit on a camel. Riding on him wasn’t pleasant, but with my sexy Dubai escort girl we could have some talking in English, that less people understood what we were talking about. We were going up and down the dunes and it was interesting to see nothing more all-around than just nothing.

As we reached the settlement, we still felt like going more away from them, keeping just the shape of it in vision. The guy offered to make a barbecue and then leave us alone. Stars in the sky here were much brighter and it seemed a great time to get more services. We started to kiss and I laid her body on the sheep under which were just sands. The light from the fireplace gave us a pleasant warm and as I undressed her, seeing the fire playing all around her body was satisfying to me. I got my condom with and we started to make some passionate crazy sex under the desert sky. She was really great at making me go crazy. Her legs, soft skin and big breasts was all I needed to enjoy going inside of her, making the UAE escort girl gasp from the pleasure. I was really delighted too and finished inside of her couple of times. It was good that this girl had some more condoms with her. Safety was high level so I have nothing against these kinds of great companions. Adventure in deserted Dubai’s place was something unforgettable and really tenuous. We didn’t bother about anything else and the weather also was great.