Dessert Adventure at with an sexy lady

Dubai is a big city and it was only natural that i wanted to get away from the entire city buzz and have some more pleasant, but still adventurous nature so I choose to trust of the trip advertisers and let them to give me some good adventure. As I didn’t wanted just to drive around the desert and spend time all alone by myself, I choose to book a hot Dubai escort girl who wrote about herself that she really enjoys spending time with different people and try new things. I thought that she wouldn’t been at desert and it would be an interesting scene where to see what she have to offer when things will get more intimate and it was only a normal wonder for me as a man.

I had booked also a special car to able to drive through dunes as I already then knew that it will be really thrilling. The babe I booked was fully ready to what I had to offer and being in car we could easily talk about different things. She was really good companion as I felt like know her for much longer time and also her voice tone was nice. She was dressed in some tight shorts and blouse which was almost transparent and I could see her big breasts’ shape under the black bra. Only problem was that I couldn’t watch her too long as I was on the wheel so I choose better to talk about different things that would make my mind go away from more sensual thinking and probably ruining the ride which was really thrilling. More beautiful it become when the sun was getting down and shadows become deeper, making it a romantic setting to do some crazy things, but we simply went to campsite where we were able also to see some local girls making a belly dance, but comparing my choose UAE lady was like day to night, as they didn’t seem so hot as her. Even if these girls were dancing without an close, they wouldn’t agitate me as much as escort in Dubai from website.

When others finally left us alone, I could get close to the thing that was really something to spend time with. She said that it would be a great experience to do some more passionate things under the stars and sands all around. I let my arms around her and after some minutes she was sitting at my lap. I could feel her warm skin and breath so close that it made me feel wanting to undress her as quick as I can. As I didn’t know if the people from near setting could see us, I used some blanked to cover our bodies and we could have some adult fun under it. UAE call girl gave me the best blow-job I could only dream off. Spending time at Dubai desert turned out to be even greater adventure that I though it would be and I don’t regret anything.